We have recently released a free app called “StoryBook” on iOS and Android, which allows the user to search and browse for publicly available Map Tours (built on the Esri Story Map concept).  A map tour can be used to showcase accommodation details and how to get there, places to eat, bushwalking guided tours (with video content) or pretty much anything that you can think of:


Our StoryBook Business Offering takes the free version above, and creates a custom corporate app for your business, complete with your personalised branding; including a custom splash page, logo and corporate colours, and presents your map tours as soon as the app is opened. When published, the app is able to be titled to suit your program rather than titled using our StoryBook branding, and acts as a custom information portal for presenting your material; descriptions, images, videos, spatial data & locations. The most exciting element of this is that we’re able to train your team to manage the content and map tours within the Esri ArcGIS Online platform that you’ll already have available to you!  This allows you to re-purpose the content of the app over time as your programs evolve.

Additional examples to add context to some of the functionality included are:

–   Bush Walking Tours, including use of video content to provide a short informative video at checkpoints.
–   Historical Self-Guided Tours including the use of a navigation button to assist in guiding you to the next location or your chosen location. All Story
Maps created are integrated with location based services and GPS, so that users can obtain directions from their current location to any
point in the tour instantly. This is incredibly useful for a tourist to choose the order of the tour.
–   Officer/ Staff details.  You can also link contact and biography details for each person. An example of this can be found in the free StoryBook
version, created using our GP One team; including LinkedIn and Facebook Messenger links to exemplify the endless possibilities available within this app.
–   Current and Upcoming projects. A possible map tour could be created to showcase major projects currently under way and yet to come.
–   Conference Seminars / Workshops.  A map tour may be created to showcase the origins of presenters, with linkages to papers & presentations &
social media, or could be used to guide attendees to different location points of the conference.

Whatever you can mould into a Story Map Tour (, you can put into the app, the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. Map tours can be edited and updated at any time, allowing you to present new information to users with ease. Story Maps are optimised for using both pictures and videos, allowing a variety of ways to display your information.  Custom mapping background layers or custom web maps are also able to be integrated within Story Maps to provide you with the ability to present surrounding context to your point locations, a simple demonstration of this is included in the free StoryBook version through our Bush Walking default tour.

Contact us now to get started with your StoryBook for Business app!